NOSY End Users

We have interviewed the NOSY active End Users, both their LEA and forensic groups, along to LEAs that have manifested interest in the NOSY project, inquiring for priorities against day-to-day challenges in field operations. This led to the identification of the following use cases:

  • LEAs wish to have devices to help tackle drug for abuse trafficking. A sensing device would need to detect presence of trace quantities and uniquely identify the illicit drug. It should also detect anomalous concentrations of chemicals used for manufacturing the new hazardous synthetic drugs.
  • LEAs wish to have devices to help tackle development and transportation of homemade explosives. A sensing device will be customized to detect at high sensitivity presence of anomalous quantities of certain commercial chemicals used for manufacturing common homemade explosives.
  • LEAs wish to have devices that could be used during routine patrols, or that could be concealed in a common object (sensor bug), or installed for remote monitoring of high density passage area. High miniaturization and camouflage are desired to make the device both effective and unique. The device needs to autonomously monitor the area for months, without human intervention.

We found such use cases in line with threats addressed at international level by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime requiring improved technologies for anti-drugs trafficking [1]. The EU Commission [2,3] has also stressed the need of improved technologies for the detection of homemade explosives and precursors:

“…drug trafficking is one of the main activities of organized crime groups, generating enormous profits … and are commonly engaged in smuggling of other illegal goods…”

“…Home-made explosives are tools used very frequently by terrorists and other criminals to perpetrate attacks. We need to enhance controls and prevent terrorists from taking advantage of existing differences in security rules among EU Member States”.

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[1] UNODC and organized crime:

[2] Common rules against home-made explosives:

[3] Marketing and use of explosives precursors:







NOSY – New Operational Sensing sYstem

Project Contract Number: 653839

Call Identifier: H2020-FCT-2014

Topic: FCT-05-2014: Law enforcement capabilities Topic 1: Develop novel monitoring systems and miniaturised sensors that improve Law Enforcement Agencies’ evidence-gathering abilities

Duration: 36 Months

Project Start: 01 September 2015

Funding scheme: Innovation Action

Total Cost: EUR 5.373.061,25

EU Contribution: EUR 4.198.684,63

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation under Grant Agreement no 653839.

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